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1. Which is better for landscape, pine straw or mulch?

Both products are beneficial for your landscape in a variety of ways. These products are used for landscape beautification and are aesthetically pleasing as the focal point of your property. Pine straw works as a natural weed barrier, helps prevent erosion, and aids in keeping moisture within the soil. While mulch also helps keep moisture in the soil, it also helps contribute to the health of your soil as it breaks down. 


2. How much area does a bale of pine straw cover?

A typical bale of long needle pine straw covers roughly 55 square feet of area. 


3. How much area does a cubic yard of mulch cover?

At at depth of roughly 2 inches, a cubic yard of mulch covers about 200 square feet of area. 


4. Does pine straw roll over onto hard surfaces and turf areas after it’s complete?

With our multi-step install process, we blow the edges clean and then tuck the straw into the edge line to hold it in place. This prevents sloppy edges that decrease the overall look of the install. 


5. What is the average life of a pine straw install?

We recommend refreshing your pine straw every 6-8 months. While the straw will still be on the ground, a fresh install always improves the color and depth of your landscape. 


6. What is the average life of a mulch install?

While mulch is a little  bit more expensive, it also lasts longer than pine straw. We recommend refreshing your mulch every year in order to keep your yard looking great! 

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